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Our office is "patient focused". Our goal is to make your experience positive and pain free.
I have assembled a Team of highly trained professionals. They have been chosen for their empathy and attitude.

Business Office Assistants


LaWanda can do it all! She is an expanded duty chairside dental assistant, as well as being able to run the front office. She exudes Southern charm and has some sayings that leave you scratching your head. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.


Eleah  (pronounced Ah lee ah)

Eleah has a quick smile and a helpful attitude. Shas been with us for 16 years. Eleah enjoys spending her time off with her young son... her daughter is a teenager ;)

Chairside Assistants


LaWanda  (Schoochy)

LaWanda has been with us for over 13 years with a few hiatuses :) She is an experienced Chairside Dental Assistant as well as being business office savvy. She is friendly with a quick smile and weird Southern phrases..



Leslie has been with us for over 13 years. She is an experienced Chairside Dental Assistant who can do it all. She also able to help out in the business office. She enjoys watching her sons baseball when not at the office.

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