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What is a root canal? "Why do I (of all people) need one?"

        Purpose of Root Canal Treatment
  • to keep a tooth that would otherwise require extraction
  • to relieve or prevent future pain, infection and swelling
  What teeth may need Root Canal Treatment?
  • painless teeth that have a dark area (shadow) on the x-ray
  • hot or cold sensitive teeth 
  • bite sensitive teeth
  • painful teeth or jaw area
  • cracked tooth
                What  is a Root Canal ?
  • the roots are NOT removed
  • an opening is made in the biting surface of the tooth
  • the inside of the roots are cleaned and disinfected (similar to roto rooting a kitchen sink, microscopically)
  •  the roots are flushed with disinfectant, dried and then sealed with a medical grade of rubber and cement
  • a temporary filling is placed in the opening 
  • your dentist will place a permanent restoration within 2 weeks
                  After my Root Canal ?
  • most people return to work (unless its sunny or they have fun stuff to do)
  • don't chew on the tooth for 3 hours
  • you can drink hot/cold liquids and chew on the other side
  • call your dental office and schedule the permanent restoration
  • your tooth will be sore after treatment
  • you will most likely be prescribed an antibiotic
  • take ibuprofen, aleve, or tylenol for post op discomfort
  • if required, you may take pain pills
  • for any problems, please call the office
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